Winter in het Torfbroek

Landscapes & Travel

This is the section where you'll find the bulk of my images, both from locations in Belgium as well as from our travels abrought. It will be the section that hopefully evolves most and (will) offer(s) a wide variety of views on diverse landscapes in different geographies and throughout the seasons.

Bart Peeters: "De hemel in het klad" in AB


A totally different world from nature, travel and landscapes, I know, but concerts do make interesting material for a photographer. The environment is totally different and so is the approach, the camera settings, lighting conditions. Concert photography is also an interesting way of capturing (famous) people. As a non-professional, it is not always easy without a press card to get accreditation, and usually shooting time is limited to the first 3 songs, so for me it is important to make the most of the limited number of opportunities and then the limited timeframeat the beginning of the concert to grab some good images, preferrably with a lot of expression on the face of the artist, or a band in full action.

Oxford, UK

City Views

During my professional life, I have been to many European cities, unfortunately seldom with enough time to look around and explore the many highlights very often available. It did however raise the interest to learn more, both of the cities I've been to as well as many other intriguing places I had never set foot in. Luckily, travel is also a passion I share with my wife and we therefore try to visit one or the other interesting city whenever we can. Over time, and as I started with photography, of course the gear had to come along and now our wanderings along boulevards or river bords tend to take quite a bit longer than they used to. I have dismissed a lot of the "early" material here but there are some nice images left - which may in turn get replaced over time. Main thing is that I hope to continue having the time and the means to keep travelling, keep discovering and keep shooting...




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