Sweet Coffee

Feb 25th, Sweet Coffee presented their new album "Face to Face" at the AB in Brussels. It was a real treat: the music and entire show were great, and the flexibility of being allowed to photograph the band throughout the whole show was really great, rather than the stressy get it all the box during the first 3 songs. In the mean time, I obviously bought the album as well... I have some material from the previous show in AB which I will post later. Thanks for a great album, a great show, and the pics, Sweet Coffee.

Bart Peeters

Bart Peeters is a monument on the Belgian music scene. When he started touring with his "De Hemel in het Klad" show, we just had to be there in the AB...

Selah Sue

Selah Sue

I must admit this: I am a fan of this Young Lady. April 2010 I could get permission to take some pics at her concert at Botanique in Brussels (AB was preferred location but sold out already). Tons of atmosphere and good music, unfortunately about the lousiest light conditions a photographer can come across. A very dark scene and the singer backlit by 3 projection screens was not exactly what I'd hoped for; the concert itself ws great however so I'll stop complaining. I decided to convert most pictures to B&W as this gave the best results under the circumstances. Not my greatest series but definitely an incentive to go back and try again...


















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