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Unlike many keen photographers who are almost born with a camera attached to their chest, I discovered the medium fairly late, and kind of stumbled into it via my other favourite passtime: birds, and in particular: breeding parrots. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by birds, and I have kept parakeets and parrots for as long as I can remember, starting of with the obligatory budgies and cockatiels at first, now having a few aviaries with different species of macaws. Giving presentations around parrots, care, breeding, life in the wild, life in the aviary, made it necessary for me to build up a good stock of photographs and film on the subject. Wherever I visited a bird park, a breeder, a show, or any place where I could get near enough to birds to catch them on video or memory card, I took the opportunity to expand my collection.

Although I used a Sony videocamera most of the time, I noticed that I slowly but surely took more and more still pictures since my last videocamera allowed for 3mpix still images. So when finally deciding to switch fully to photography (the number of subjects had also increased quite a bit and was no longer limited to birds) the question was what to buy. With no knowledge of SLR usage whatsoever, a hybrid camera seemed like a good option. But finally, my neighbour, a professional photographer working for the press convinced me into buying a DSLR. I picked the Canon brand (partly also because my neighbour also used it and I thought I might borrow a lens every once in a while): an EOS 30D. Landscape Photography started to grow on me so my first lens was the 17-40L, quickly followed by the 24-70L. That was quite an investment for me and I had to sell quite a bit of offspring from my parrot collection to fund it.

This was beginning of 2006, so I was already 46 years old when I seriously started to explore this new world. Tons of lousy pictures have found their way to the electronic bin since and I am still learning every day; I had no tuition but spent hours and hours devoring magazines, reading through websites, but above all, trying out and experimenting. Most of what I do is landscape and travel, although I like to record the occasional concert if I can get the necessary accreditation to make pictures. I published some Lightroom Gallery of a US trip once but this site is the first serious attempt to share my work in one consolidated place. I hope people will enjoy the pictures and provide me with their feedback, helping me to evolve and make better photographs.

I am not a member of any photography club in the traditional sense of the word, but I am a member of the BelgiumDigital Photo Website where I have learned so lot through the exchanges on the fora, publishing my pics and the daily interaction with other photography enthousiasts. Anyone (Dutch speaking!) interested in photography should have a look at this site. I am sure it will prove interesting and useful. Membership gives some extra benefits for a peanuts amount and helps support, expand, and evolve this fantastic medium.

For those interested I have created a page on this site listing the technical stuff I am using, hardware as well as software. This is obviously not the bible and every one needs to find out for themselves what kind of photography they want to practice and what are the best tools helping them to get the best result. Personally, I just hope I can free up enough time to get out and about and shoot many more pictures I can add to my portfolio and share. Travel, another passion, is also very high on my list; discovering and shooting new locations is one of the many joys photography can bring. Come and have a look every once in a while and hopefully you will enjoy viewing some of the images as much as I enjoyed making them.

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