Selah Sue at Botanique

Although most of my photography is around travel, landscape and nature, I do like concert photography and also start to enjoy people photography in general, but not in the studio, rather in action, on the street, etc... I also still like music quite a bit, and combining a concert with my photography is a treat. Usually when photographing concerts I only go for the concerts I like, so instead of asking accreditation to get in for the first 3 songs and get out again, I always buy tickets and attend the full concert. Favourite location is the Ancien Belgique in Brussels.

Also for this particular concert, I had hoped to attend the concert in the AB, but it was sold out in no-time. At that time I had not been to the Botanique yet where the second concert was scheduled, but I immediately got the tickets and asked for the accreditation to make pictures.

The "rotonde" in Botanique proved a small, circular (surprise, surprise) room where there certainly was a promise of intimacy, only allowing a small audience... Ideal for a Selah Sue performance.

There was no special secured area in between pubmic and artist/scene but that would not have been possible in such a small room. Promising for close-up shots. Trying to find the best place (most space against the podium was already taken) I saw there was one big problem for photography: there were 3 screens on, not above or beside, the podium, and no matter how I tried to position myself towards the microphone in such a way that the singer would not be backlit by one of those it was in vain. Long story short: quite a challenge to get any picture right, and a real pity as the Young Lady was very cooperative and at times clearly looking into the lens.


I must admit that our Young Lady, or at least her management, are quite flexible. Usually at concerts, rules are quite restrictive, with as common themes that there can be (understandably) no flash photography, photographers are only allowed to take pics during the first 3 songs, etc...

I was lucky enough to be able to take photographs during the entire concert. The circumstances being crap, I could at least experiment with aperture (although 2.8 was the best I could get and the only choice) and high ISO (did not believe anything above 800 or 1600 would turn out anything usable but I had no choice).

Anyway, certainly not my best series, and that of one of my favourite singers, so I definitively have to go back.

As expected, many of the pics had a part of the video screens, at the same height of Selah Sue and the band, in the background. Even if I could avoid the influence of the backlit scene, the light was present in most pictures.

In post-production, I finally decided to convert most of the pictures to B&W. It looked like the best way to keep some presentable photos.

I decided to publish some photos anyway, hope you enjoy them. Just hope that I can have the opportunity soon to replace these with a new and much better series; which might be difficult as this star is rising and accreditations may become more difficult to obtain.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photographs - if you don't I am sure you will and can enjoy Selah Sue's music!

Oh and by the way, the few salvaged pics can be found here.












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